Two small steps by man, one giant leap for the planet

Introducing Space Down Under

The impact of climate change, and man’s historic apathy about the simple basic requirements for healthy tree growth is an ever present threat to the urban forest and the health of the increasing population of city dwellers worldwide. Since the turn of the century there has been a significant  response to this challenge from the wide field of practitioners and academics involved in Urban Forestry, including structural soils, plastic cells, permeable pavements and a variety of water sensitive urban design (WSUD) solutions.

Whilst each is a step in the right direction this website is dedicated to providing information about two big strides which will advance by leaps and bounds your response to the challenge.


  • Case Studies

    Goodwood Road upgrade

    Goodwood Road is a major thoroughfare through the suburb. A makeover in 2017 has improved the ambience and attraction for locals and visitors to the shopping and entertainment precinct. The design by Jensen

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    Bowden Urban Village

    In order to obtain approval from the EPA for the use of Water Treatment Solids (WTS) for the production of SPACE a 3 year environmental audit was conducted on a trial site at the new Bowden Urban Village development managed by Renewal SA

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    Manningham Inlet Project 2017

    In November 2017 the City of Manningham in Victoria Australia installed 36 TREENET inlets in a problematic area subject to flooding to improve the recovery time after rain events . Each inlet was connected to a 300 mm perforated pipe surrounded by aggregate in a 450 diam hole excavatedby hydrovac around existing infrastructure to the maximum depth permitted by bed rock. The installation of the inlet component by Enviro Eng Civil is the best first effort by any contractor, particularly as no onsite instruction was available . This demonstrates that provided the simple process is followed , particularly the sequence of steps from formwork set up to removal and final finish before fitting the face plate, the result will be to specification.

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