Two small steps by man, one giant leap for the planet

Introducing Space Down Under

The impact of climate change, and man’s historic apathy about the simple basic requirements for healthy tree growth is an ever present threat to the urban forest and the health of the increasing population of city dwellers worldwide. Since the turn of the century there has been a significant  response to this challenge from the wide field of practitioners and academics involved in Urban Forestry, including structural soils, plastic cells, permeable pavements and a variety of water sensitive urban design (WSUD) solutions.

Whilst each is a step in the right direction this website is dedicated to providing information about two big strides which will advance by leaps and bounds your response to the challenge.

R750 – Capture zone

This specification shall be read in conjunction with the following drawings which are deemed to be part of the specification and the contract documents.

Pit model – Infiltration zone

The pit models are desinged for infiltration zone with various capacity. Download top and section view details of pit model infiltration zone below:

Trench model – Infiltration zone

The trench models are designed for infiltration zone with various capacities. Download top and section view details of trench model infiltration zone below:

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