Adelaide Entertainment Centre Car Park 2001

Extensive damage to infrastructure due to compacted impermeable pavement over tree root zone in Entertainment Centre Car Park7

tree removed and 2m x 2m x 600 deep excavation into carpark pavement made and backfilled with SPACE

Tree surround installed on compacted SPACE

Pistachio chinensis and permeable paving installed

The Adelaide Entertainment Centre car park is very uneven due to tree roots being unable to penetrate the thick compacted x6 subgrade. Instead they only survive in the thin layer of relatively uncompacted ground immediately beneath the bitumen where condensation provides some moisture.

In 2001 an early SPACE trial was established where several lemon scented gums were removed and Pistachio trees were planted into a 2m square 600 deep hole filled with SPACE which connected the new trees to the natural soil below. Clay pavers were then laid directly over the SPACE and the site was monitored to detect any upheaval caused by the new trees.

After 17 years none has been detected and the trees have developed well