CFS training site Blackwood SA 2006

In 2006 this site was allocated for training purposes for the CFS at the rear of Sims Refrigeration Main Rd Blackwood.
Originally designed with impermeable paving and extensive stormwater infrastructure to cope with excessive volumes of runoff resulting from fire drill exercises, it did not receive development approval by the City of Mitcham without modification. This was due to its location within the tree protection zone of a significant red gum, and approval was finally granted on the condition that a highly permeable paved surface was laid over a tree root friendly base.

The design that was approved involved laying 80 mm trihex paving over a 300 mm base of SPACE. The high cbr and low bulk density of SPACE has ensured that even after 11 years of heavy water laden fire trucks parking on the paving and multiple applications of thousands of litres of water in each training session none of the paving has been disturbed, by either the heavy traffic, the regular saturation of the paving base, nor the tree which is thriving on the plentiful supply of water infiltrating into the SPACE

Site Preparation adjacent to significant red gum

30 m3 SPACE delivered

SPACE spread to 300 deep

SPACE Compacted

Level and ready for laying paving

80 mm Trihex paving over 30 mm bedding sand

Making progress

Very permeable pavers

Completed job

So root friendly that seeds from gum tree germinate

This demonstrate that the system works. Root friendly medium and plenty of water from the fire trucks