Manningham Inlet Project 2017

Interesting set up of formwork where connection to soakage well made prior to concrete pour

This necessitated cutting a 90mm hole in rear form board and gluing pvc fittings together at outset

Very neat set up in 700 mm cut out. Usual practice is to complete concrete work with pvc inlet adaptor in place sitting hard up against rear form board before installing pipework to connect to soakage well.

In this case the inlet pipe has been installed through the side of the leaky well (300 mm riblock). Tee piece probably unnecessary and it inhibits free access to inspect the pit later

Exceptional first installation by EnvirEng CIVIL Pty Ltd. In particular the shape of the dish , the concave kerb profile and the clearly visible edges of the face plate ensure that the face plate can easily be removed for maintenance if needed and that the unique TREENET Inlet eddy current is generated each time it rains