Space Structural Soil

SPACE is an acronym of the 5 principal properties that make this the ideal engineered medium for the support of both healthy trees and perfect pavements.

Structural Permeable Aerated Compactible Earth

Structural strength  is high

Permeability for water infiltration is high

Air filled porosity (AFP) is high

Compactible to  standard engineering specs for pavements

Earth based with high cation exchange ability for plant  nutrients

In 1995 Space Down Under discovered the potential of Water Treatment Solids (WTS), produced as a by-product of the filtration process of municipal water supplies, to be a beneficial  structural soil in urban greening projects.

After many successful high profile projects have been completed in South Australia since 2001, the SPACE Odyssey has continued, and in 2017 Space Down Under was awarded exclusive approval by the EPA in SA to access more WTS from SA water treatment plants that was previously regulated as an industrial waste.

As the interest in finding alternatives to landfill for WTS is universal, Space Down Under is exploring with other municipal water authorities around Australia the environmental and economic benefit that the SPACE product provides to our urban spaces.

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Case Studies

Bowden Urban Village

In order to obtain approval from the EPA for the use of Water Treatment Solids (WTS) for the production of SPACE a 3 year environmental audit was conducted on a trial site at the new Bowden Urban Village development managed by Renewal SA

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City West Campus Adelaide 2006

At the Uni SA City West campus SPACE was installed to protect the root systems of semi mature trees which were previously growing in open ground and were now about to be paved over.

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CFS training site Blackwood SA 2006

In 2006 this site was allocated for training purposes for the CFS at the rear of Sims Refrigeration Main Rd Blackwood. Originally designed with impermeable paving and extensive stormwater infrastructure to cope with excessive volumes of runoff resul

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Hindmarsh Square Adelaide CBD 2006

In 2006 the City of Adelaide upgraded the footpaths on each side of Pulteney Street in Hindmarsh Square. London Plane trees were planted directly into SPACE filled trenches which were then covered with impermeable paving. All trees are growing well.

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Franklin Street Bus Depot 2007

In 2007 a new Adelaide Interstate bus depot was built on the site of the old one in Franklin Street in the CBD. As the site was heavily contaminated with material such as oil, diesel fuel, and heavy metals, a deep excavation was made in the north-west corner of the site and the contaminated soil was buried under a one metre cap of compacted clay.

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